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X Type Socket Bottom Tool
Fits most external bottom brackets Made from hardened steel for extended life Includes coated ha..
Portable Crank Extractor
High quality, Hardened steel, crank extractor. Fits tapered, Octi-link and Isis cranks ..
Portable X Type Bottom Bracket Tool
Made from hardened steel for longer life and better fit Can be used on all external bottom brac..
Cable Cutters
Hardened steel, precision cable cutters. Hardened steel used for extended life. Coated handle..
Cassette Remover
Shimano pattern cassette tool Made from hardened steel for longer life Includes retaining stu..
Cone Spanner Set
Double ended Heat treated for longer life Set includes: 13/14/15/16/17/18mm spanners ..
Cassette Tool
Hardened steel, quality cassette fitter and remover. Includes a stud to prevent the tool slippi..
Slimbo 11 Multi Tool
Slim 11 function MultiTool 2/2.5/3/4/5 & 6mm Hex Keys T25 Star Key Flat & Cross Hea..
Chain Wear Indicator
Made from precision laser cut steel Helps in increasing the life of your cycle drive chain .7..
Slimbo 8 MultiTool
As the name suggests, a real Slim 8 function MultiTool 2/3/4/5/6mm Hex Keys T25 Star Key plus..
Chain Whip
Hardened steel, quality chain, fits most cassettes and freewheels. Coated handle for user comfo..
Workshop MultiTool
Made from hardened steel ensuring quality and long life Plastic sides for user comfort Ideal ..
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